British Families last in European list offering good quality of life

(Oct 5, 2011 for client Oracle Legal Ltd


Families in Britain maybe earning much more than their European counterparts, but many British families are unhappy about their quality of life, according to this research.

A study headed by price comparison website,, shows Britain at the last place of the list of top ten nations that offer good quality of life.

It says only five percent of British families consider their lives to be “happy”, and ten percent would like to immigrate to another country.

Poland, the country preceding Britain, only earns £8,759 net income, while France, Italy and Spain, earn £31,767 , £25,601, and £23,398 respectively. UK holds a greater average net income (38,547) among its neighbors, however not at par with the quality of life offered in these nations.

The list was based on 16 factors such as VAT, fuel, food and energy, number of holidays and working hours, as well as life expectancy.

It found that British people have longer working hours, and a higher retirement age than their European equivalent. The average retirement age in Poland is 59, and 60 in France and Italy, while 63 in Britain. In addition, Poland’s workers are entitled to extra ten days of vacation.

Meanwhile, the average life expectancy in Britain is 80, while in France, Spain and Poland is 81.4, 81.6, 81.9, and 76.2.

State spending on Health in the UK is lower than European countries. Only at 4.8 percent, Denmark and Sweden outspend Britain with 8.4 percent and 7.8 percent, while other countries set aside 5.54 percent of their gross domestic income.

The study showed 49% blamed high living costs as cause for burden, and another 47 percent were concerned about the violence and crime rates, given the riots that happened in the streets of London.