The Era of Cloud Computing

Ceterna — Salesforce Gold Alliance Partner

Cloud computing is transforming the IT landscape with aspirational qualities for businesses across all industries, and as the cloud computing phenomena grows every day ordinary IT systems are being replaced with smarter cloud ecosystems.

What is Cloud Computing?

We define cloud computing (also known as software-as-a-service SAAS) as the practice of using cloud applications over the Internet to carry out business operations rather than your traditional software and hardware infrastructure.

The benefits of cloud computing extend far and wide across the IT hemisphere. Cloud computing levels the playing field between small and large businesses, giving small businesses the chance to compete on the same level of larger businesses by benefiting from the same technology.

Salesforce® is a cloud-based CRM solution and can be quickly implemented and gives businesses access to a range of specialist applications, through Salesforce AppExchange outlet. A cloud platform also removes the hassle of performing server and software upgrades and reduces the need for IT resource, as the third party cloud providers maintain these. It is for these reasons that we, Ceterna; also opt to operate on the leading cloud CRM platform, Salesforce.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

The tangible benefits of Salesforce are reflected through the shift to a more focused customer experience. As social media increasingly populates the IT landscape, evolving the ways customers interact, it creates a domino effect by also changing the communication relationship between customers and businesses. Salesforce provides a platform for businesses to consolidate all customer interactions, allowing interactions to be better managed and in a more efficient and effective manner, thus, improving the customer experience. Combine social media with innovative technology and the two plays a hard nudging factor, paving the way for emerging smarter cloud ecosystems. With ‘mobile’ being at the heart of the majority of technology creator’s minds, businesses are also being nudged to keep up with the ‘mobile’ trend. Salesforce makes it possible for businesses to be mobile as it can be easily accessible from any kind of device with an active Internet connection.

Why Salesforce?

With all that said, cloud computing just seems to have business appeal doesn’t it? Investing in a cloud-based CRM platform like Salesforce is an investment in your businesses future. Salesforce is a scalable platform, meaning that it is possible to grow and expand in line with your business’s growth. Unlike traditional software and hardware, it doesn’t need to be completely replaced and upgraded. Cloud computing makes your business more agile, making it more prepared for a change in sync with changes in the business environment. So when weighed up against those kinds of benefits, it makes it worthwhile to float about on a cloud.

The emergence of cloud computing ecosystems is changing the business environment at a rapid pace. While cloud computing proved to be the go-to platform enterprise application and data in 2015, the future possibilities for cloud computing are endless. (

At Ceterna, we are embracing the era of cloud computing through Salesforce and are helping many other businesses embrace it too.

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