I wanted to be an Entrepreneur with a good garage story. (Part 1)

I graduated and found a job without a CV. I was “smart” and very “intelligent” statistics show . …thus asking for my CV to get work as a business manager would be an insult.

Its been 4 years — just turned 27 and am asking myself “what was i thinking ?” i left a good paying job to follow a dream ? I had it all at 23- Property manager, Business developer , A beautiful lady, Career plans (Was offered a scholarship by the company)a huge house all to myself, nice blankets and an endless supply of shoes — In those days my biggest concern was making money …Then one unfortunate day i realized I wanted to start my own company for no reason at all. My pride simply got in the way and i felt this certain urge to escape the 9to5 routine.

I could blame Robert Kawasaki for this- i forgot Africa was not America . I read “Poor dad Rich dad” and become convinced i could do anything!! This become my bible to screwing up everything for myself……

I was going to Steve job my ass through it all

Measuring my one year assets and liabilities — i decided to quit my job from boss to being bossier with my own start-up with a big idea that Africa needed. I was going to Steve job my ass through it all , showcase my products with grounding breaking presentations Africa has never seen…this was going to be a “Never before” moment then make a billion and retire by 30.

I never imagined myself eating noodles for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper EVERY single day- today is regrets day- I could have been married by now, My degree hanging on the wall, that Audi A6 , pension and a child….all this lost in the name of “Entrepreneurship”.

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