As social media tools have now been developed and people have found various methods to connect and share what’s going around the world, they have become a favorite tool of activists and independent reporters. But again even with social media and all the other forums that give a voice to the voiceless they come with their fair share of problems. As it is with most social media or any other platform they are centralized often under the influence of some government or some propaganda machine, if not that then under threat from hackers and other such entities. And fake news…

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Nowadays the news industry is controlled by governments and powerful corporations. Our freedom of speech is impaired by the centralized news industry. Freelance journalists have no solid platform to report to and can in most cases not earn a passive income.

Cewnote is presenting a decentralized solution which will bring news to value and value to news. Create an account on our platform, receive subscribers and build your audience. Let your articles go through our complex ecosystem wich where consumers can vote on your articles, specifically on trustworthy, writing quality and factual accuracy.

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The world we currently live in has been labelled a global village by many based on the fact that it doesn’t take much time for news to reach the other corner of the world and cause an impact. But with the growth of the News Industry came the realization that people can only react to a story when it reaches them and in what form it gets there can decide the course of history. Soon this industry was taken over by corporate and political interests and became a tool for manipulation of the masses instead of something that brought the…


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