What’s your dream job?
Desi Jagger

First comment! :D
I book a meeting…

I’m from Venezuela (and besides all the situation that you may know), Systems Engineer with a great vocation/passion/life purpose to be a teacher, but actually, I’m unemployed. I couldn’t make it through a situation in my last job and I’ve got to resign, because all that situation made me feel overwhelming and feel like: “ok, I’m an impostor, I don’t deserve this job, I don’t know anything…” and that kind of negative thoughts… But, I must say, when I teach, my eyes just burn and sees the horizon, all of my senses expand itselves and I’m feel powerful, strong, resilient and inspirated.

Right now, I’m trying to make it through my situation. Becoming a teacher is for what I most want to do, for the rest of my life, really. But, in Latin America (generally speaking) teachers are the most underpaid profession at all.

Hope to see you and draw upon those 30 minutes… Thanks, Desi. Keep the good work.