How do you judge a Javascript programmer by only 5 questions?
Mattias Petter Johansson

Ok, you got me, i should answered this:

1: No, I’m applying for this job, am I wrong?
2: Javascript has a Map? Which countries has on it?
3: Bind? You have to be kidding…
4: Closures is where i put my dry and clean clothes, haha!
5: Well, Brendan Eich was the creator of Javascript when he worked for Netscape and… why you throwing me out calling security? NO!

Hahaha, just kidding, my REAL answers should be like:

1: Apply? I didn’t use it (yet :) )
2: Map is like a for-loop function, but in a higher abstraction level (and faster execution!). With Map, you can apply a function to all elements from an Array or an object (casted to an Array type)
3: Bind? I don’t know about it.
4: Closures can be used in several ways with pattern designs and many ways to execute your Javascript code (such as an IIFE like jQuery does)
5: In my blog I have many examples of it ;) (sorry for the SPAM haha)

Regards from Venezuela.

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