JavaScript killed my dog
Richard Kenneth Eng

TL;DR —just use another language —

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Ok, I’ve readed all the response from people who disagree from you and people who do not.

I’m a “semi-junior” kind of Javascript developer and I’m very proud of it.

But, sincerely, I don’t understand your point complaining about Javascript…

If JS don’t have integers and you need it, just use another language.

If JS have WAT’s and WTF’s, and such things do not make you more productive, juse use another language.

If [you think] JS have fail silently and you need a big alert blaming on your code errors, just use another language.

If you gets `undefined` every time you’re trying to get a property of does not exists, JS does its best but if you don’t like it, again, just use another language.

And, without being technic (I’m not that kind), you could always use another language who does the work you need. But complaining about other languages [worst if you did it for your “marketing thing”], is not the way to improve the language, and again, if you don’t want to improve it, just use another language.

Soy Venezolano y hablo español, me encanta porque es mi lengua materna. Sin embargo, no voy a quejarme del Inglés solo porque tiene muchas cosas raras y puntos que no me sirven de nada. Por cierto, ¿Sabías que el cuarto idioma más hablado del mundo es el Español después del Mandarín, el Hindi y el Inglés? ¿cuál es el punto si me quejara de ello?

That’s exactly your point [I think] when you speak about Smalltalk…

If you’re proud enough of Smalltalk, Good! But there are many developers being good [or trying, like me] for some other languages and there’s no missing point about it, or complaining themselves about Smalltalk. ¿How do you feel about it?

And, following the advice of Eric Elliott about practice compassion, you seem to me like an arrogant person.