June 3, 1992

Time: 02:34 hrs in the morning

“ John, I am scared. Please….”

“Listen to me, I am right here with you. Calm down, no one is coming”

“It is coming for me, I know it is, please John you are my last hope. Don’t fail me”

“What are you talking about Jacob? Not a single word makes sense. You need to calm down.”

“No, you are not listening to me !! It’s over, get out there and save yourself”

“Save? Save myself from what? Come on, you have to talk to me. What’s going on?”

“I don’t have time to explain, go now and come back for me when you know when it is time to come back”

“What the hell? When I know when? Wait, what are you doing?….Don’t push me…”

“John?…. John?”

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