Sometimes it is very funny that the parents who were so worried about your success during your childhood are the ones who are main inhibitors to you from taking risks after you enter the real world. It looks as if a single failure is equal to your erasal of existence on earth in their state of mind.

No matter how old you are, most importantly if you are a girl, you would never get a chance to make a decision for yourself even until marriage and sadly for some people it goes even after marriage.

When you were a kid, they risk investing lakhs and lakhs of rupees, hoping that you would become an IITian one day. They had full confidence in you then. They very badly wanted you to get the seat. But once you finish your education and hope to take the world on your own, they say, "No, don’t take any risks". Their major concern is that you should not fail. In most cases, the reasons would directly or indirectly relate to, the "What would others think about us?" case. The others who never bother to care if you were in any sort of trouble. I have a question ,"What happens if you fail?" I mean seriously what happens if you fail. Nothing happens. You fail! In worst case scenario, you fail. So what ??? Shouldn’t they be out there with you supporting and asking you to try again? Shouldn’t they be the ones to push your limits and to believe in you when you are weak enough to not believe in yourself? But all of a sudden they want you to play safe. They want you to be ordinary. They want you to lead a very normal secure life. What good does it do to you as a person?

Seriously man, what is the reason behind this insecurity out of nowhere

I really wonder when do parents start to believe that their children can do something on their own. Whatever you do, it is always their fear of losing their children, that creates these insecurities. I understand but that risk is there always right?

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