How to remain positive

In the last few days of my university, I started applying at different places for job. Like any graduate, I had this in my mind that right after graduating, I will land an ideal job for myself. But the reality was very different because after graduating even after 2 months I couldn’t get an interview call let alone a job.

So days passed, then weeks and finally 2 months but I was unsuccessful. I became very frustrated. Then I also inquired from my close friends they were also in the same polite. I thought maybe my grades were not that good so I should ask the class fellows who had best grades but it was more disappointing to note that even they had not got any positive response. All this made me very unhappy and I was always thinking negative that I may never gain any career opportunity.

After watching the video of Shawn Achor, I have learned that positive thinking is actually one of the ways to secure a good job. No matter how much negativity is around, if a person is positive minded he will be successful.

The best and easiest way to remain positive throughout the day is to remember all the good things that have happened in that day. This will nullify any negativity in one’s mind. Another way to remain positive is to do 15 minutes of cardio exercise this will refresh the mind and helps in getting rid of all the thoughts in mind.