Every living being that exist in the world be it animal or human needs support, assistance or mentorship to sustain in this world. Without the support of each other we will be nowhere. When a person enters the world, the first support he/she gets is from parents and as he/she grows up the type of assistance or support changes but nowhere in life one can survive without support.

I will share how my siblings have been my support from a very young age. I was very 5 years of age when I moved away from my parents who used to live in a village to a city where my siblings were studying. So definitely my siblings were the ones to take care of me there. They were and still are my mentors and so whatever problem I had in life I’d always share with them and they’d always figure out the solution or proper advice for me. I have always had huge respect for them.

My eldest sister was the one with whom I shared my personal problem and she always helped me out. A number of times, I had issues at school and she’d always help me. She always trained me to show respect to everyone and be a better person by helping others instead of focusing too much on the education alone. Today one of the reasons I am caring to my nephews and nieces is because she taught by his own example of being caring.

My second mentor was my elder brother who unlike my sister focused more on my education. He always helped me with my academics work. He was the one to help me chose engineering because he knew from his experience with me that I was good at it. Maybe if he had not guided me on the throughout I might not have made any academic accomplishment.

This is just one story of how much mentorship is needed in life. In this world we are all dependent on each other but if we have humility, we can take maximum advantage from that dependence.

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