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Committing a murder, rape, or other crime tears apart families and makes it so the perpetrator doesn’t get to be able to see their loved ones often for many many years. Ohh, we need to pity these criminals and let them all go free because we are tearing apart their families just because they harmed and destroyed others lives….

Come on, they are criminals and they have hurt many many American families through their selfish actions in a country they have NO right to be in. They bleed taxpayer funds dry which harms the education of citizens children, the healthcare of citizens children, and they take many jobs Americans WILL do. Its been reported less then 3% of the illegal immigration population is working in agriculture with most in construction and restaurant work Americans are more then willing to do.

So for a change their lives got screwed up and what needs to happen is they need to pack up and leave. Self defense for ones property should apply to country as well allowing us to shoot any foreign illegal invader as an economic terrorist which is what this trash really is. We have a right to defend our country and this trash won’t stop coming until their are serious consequences. Come legally or don’t come at all.

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