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Ellison is from my old district when I lived in Minneapolis years ago and I knew quite a bit about him as my area’s Rep. He has strong ties to CAIR which has been linked repeatedly with Muslim extremists groups. In Minneapolis he helped push for the acceptance of Sharia Law so Somali Muslims could decide their own cases by Sharia Law, it was shot down and when it started getting national attention he ducked his face out. Ellison defended Muslim taxi driver’s at the Minneapolis international airport who refused service to women who they felt dressed to scandalously for their religion. He supported those same Muslim taxi drivers who refused people entrance into their taxi’s who had an unopened alcohol container generally purchased from the duty free store. He also supported Muslim Target workers when cashiers refused to check out pork products of customers like bacon claiming religious problems and even when a customer tried passing her bacon across the scanner herself one Muslim employee caused a major incident yet wasn’t fired.

Keith Ellison is NOT one of those *good* Muslims and has for over a decade been supporting intolerance and inacceptance from Muslims towards Americans while on the outside he’s all smiles he is far from it. Those who vote him in again and again are Somali Muslims who have pretty much taken over an area in Minneapolis and have Muslim gangs running the area.

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