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Geography as the issue? Because big cities are the places where handouts are given left and right in many different forms. Free healthcare, free childcare, food pantries, free clothing places, free school lunches (breakfast, dinner, and even weekend food at some of these liberal inner city schools also), free free free. Then one moves into things like rent control so unskilled deadbeats working minimum wage jobs can afford to live in an expensive city and nice areas, places where the ACLU and other *rights* groups protect criminals because they are minority citing its all the fault of the white man. Living in a small city requires someone actually can afford themselves and their families without 1001 handouts to prop them up. These small cities someone has to work for a living and can’t go crying when stuff doesn’t go their way.

The real issue is the way of thinking and that these big cities in the last 50 years have been taken over by the handout crowd and used to grow liberal strongholds through handouts to buy votes. How many black votes would dems get if not for welfare, food stamps, and other freebies? How many Latino votes would dems get if dems were for enforcing the rule of law including on immigration? How many female votes would dems get if they actually stood for the same job and experience getting equal pay instead of pushing women to get more using false numbers proven fraudulent time and time again.

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