Illegal aliens are illegal.
dave leeander

How can those who we can’t even really vet as illegal aliens be trusted to protect American values and the American way. Those same values include believing in the rule of law as a prime value which is a value they already threw to the curb. Further if those same illegal aliens turned US soldiers end up in a situation where their families home country and their own home country is the enemy how can they be trusted to follow orders that may be against the betterment of their home country? After all they have made no real allegiance to the US. What if we allow 100k Mexican illegal alien *dreamers* to join the military tomorrow and then we deployed them to the Mexican border to secure it…. how can they be trusted to do the job and what do we do if they refuse that job? In a time of war which is quite honestly what it is it would be considered desertion or even treason in some potential circumstances.