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Who’s fault is it that she has no skills to get a real job rather then an unskilled entry type job like fast food? Who’s fault is it she has 2 kids and no husband? Who’s fault is it the the father/s of the kids don’t pay child support? Who’s fault is it she can’t budget smart and live within what she can afford? Is it those evil republicans fault like the left and TP want you to think or her own failures and poor life choices? Why should an employer be forced to pay more then a worker is worth, an employer already in a slim bottom line for profit who the left thinks should cut their own pay/profit so she can get by easier with poor life decisions and not be held responsible nor accountable for her own failures.

The left loves to point out how hard it is to live on minimum wage using middle class spending sense. I like to point out while I’m middle class and work/live abroad whenever I travel back to the states for a few months for work I live on $700–800 a month just fine because I’d rather use the extra money for benefiting my family then living it large even though I could afford a lot more. Its really not so hard but liberals love crying how they feel everyone deserves everything including that which they can’t afford or don’t need. I live on that amount covering ALL of my expenses renting a room, shared living environment/utilities, living on the cheap.

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