.S a n dp a p e r.

Does it bother if my food is saltier?
If that’s the way I want to perish.
And Have I stopped, would It matter?
Would it make you happier?

I missed writing you and biting my nails for a satisfied smile
The ropes I put around my slaves are getting longer everyday
It is though, for their salvation as much as mine
My longing is time while theirs is their way

Your so called home is cold
And the cat is Home
You know, 27 is kinda old
If you’re still looking for home

and still looking for a good meds combination,
and a profession, and oh, a nation.

I tried to eat healthy, less passion, less salt,
But I failed my body again,
and I failed to be model of success, 
and I failed to be what they want.
Makes me somehow bitterly satisfied.

Hope I’l write you again soon, 
When my womanly shameful emotions kick-in again.

But for now, just pass the damn salt, 
and eat already.

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