Sound recording

There 3 different recordings the first one was recorded along M5 during the busy time. second recording was the sound of rain drops recorded outside my room and lastly is the sound of me playing the guitar. which seems as an orchestra playing in the traffic reference it with Karlheinz Stockhausen Helicopter String Quarter (1995). The artist plays with the combination of different type of music however he mostly plays with electronic music. The different line in my drawing represent the difference flow of sound. The first note is cars moving pass hence therefor the lines are not constance. The second note is the note of rain drops, the lines moves up and down at the same phase because raindrops are constant. The third note is me playing the guitar, the lines are smooth because there are rhythm in music. Lastly, ive combined all of the 3 sound together in a single note which represent my overall sound recording.

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