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Alright, hold my drink.

Dear Mark,

I’m so happy to see that you’ve written this scathing exposé that really only serves two purposes:

  1. Providing chuckles to your GamerGate friends.
  2. Showing how little you actually understand about feminism.

I read your article when it came out. I’m not a huge fan of The Mary Sue, but I do read articles that are relevant to my interests when they come across my feed. As a fan of the Final Fantasy series, I was interested to hear someone else’s views.

You see, that’s a thing we do. While you likely think that there is some mutual feminist think-tank that includes every ounce of offense, and we all share it equally without differentiating between what is relevant to our life experiences/interests, it’s pretty common for us to consider opinions outside of our own. There are approximately 21 different movements of feminist ideology that are recognized or named. I, for example, am a New Age feminist. My views are heavily based on my life experiences and my desire for all women to live their lives in a way that is true to their inner selves. Because of this, my opinions may clash with other schools of feminist thought, like the Separatist movement. But because we’re all working towards a common goal (equality), I’m going to listen to what they have to say. There’s a reason why they — and to some extent, you — think a specific way. Since I’m not entirely an asshole, I’m probably not going to bear claws and attack if my ideologies are different.

I get the feeling that you thought that at some point, someone who didn’t agree completely with the views you were presenting would try to shut you down. Perhaps you thought the staff at The Mary Sue would be the one to do it. Or their readers. Or, fuck, anyone. Maybe that’s what kept you at the edge of your seat: waiting for feminist offense.

What you didn’t consider, though, is the fact that we seldom work that way. The mainstream feminists that frequent TMS seem to do that even less than others. If you present yourself as a feminist (of any gender, actually), we’re very likely to offer you our time and understanding. Even if we don’t agree. Even if you’re wrong.

So sure, you were a wolf in sheep’s clothing who wrote an article that actually was filled with feminist beliefs (albeit mostly applied nonsensically), and sent it in to a feminist website. You took advantage of a reader base that may not have been familiar with FF VII. While you think that you’ve exposed TMS for publishing bullshit articles, all you really did was show us how willing their editors are to help someone express a view they hold, even if it isn’t one they share. You’ve shown us how respectful their readers can be to controversial opinions, even ones they don’t also hold.

My pearls have been sufficiently clutched.

❤, Chachi

(PS: So sad to hear that allegedly Breitbart didn’t want to publish what you wrote here. So very strange, since they’ll endorse just about anything.)