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I’ve definitely taken your words to heart. Thank you so much for reading and sharing!

It’s never been my intention to completely hide my daughter away from the world and (more importantly) the harsh realities that come along with it. It just irks me that instead of taking things at her pace, which vital to me, suddenly we have to take leaps. She doesn’t even think she’s ready to know what she now knows. I mean, she’s only thirteen.

I feel very strongly that our society shoves children into subjects of a sexual nature far too early, then punishes them when they act on what they’ve seen. TV shows marketed to preteens often focus on relationships and the desperatiom to have one. Eleven year olds are in Instagram using the hashtag “forever single.” They’re kids! Most of them are still figuring out who they are and how to pick out an outfit that matches. I didn’t have “the talk” with her before because sexuality wasn’t even on her radar. My desire was to keep a balance there. It’s in no way prudish. It is about keeping the young young.

That said, we had a long talk right after I posted my thoughts and concerns here. I hated every word of it but knew it would be better for her to discuss what she saw/felt in a safe space than from the next person who decided to push her too far.

I hope you don’t mind the clarification. You’re completely right based on the information I initially offered.

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