Isolation, Stagnation, Lack of Faith

This is Generation Y, me. My friends. My mentors. My cohort and I will experience world events, crime and threats to National Security or even be apart of a potential World War III, and no not the war between us and the extraterrestrials.

I was sitting in my communications class on average Monday morning and the professor was plowing through his normal dry routine. He trailed off the tangent and for once, I was actually listening to what he had to say.

“The generation of millennials, your generation, is filled with more depressed people than I have ever seen. There is a common theme of isolation, stagnation and overall lack of faith.”

This dick of a professor had a made a goddamn intriguing and credible claim for once. I forgot about his bullshit lecture of using proper communication structure theory and poured my attention to his claim. My outer ears were searing with curiosity.

“Your generation has been stuck in process. The lack of social connected in human contact is lacking. Your ability to believe in yourself: close to zero.”

Now I could see the large vein on the left side of his blonde, military buzz-cut started to throb, his face beat-red flushed.

“What are you going to do about your generation people?!”

My normal opinionated and vocal ass didn’t have a comeback for this question. I reached stagnation. No one in the class shot back at the professor’s claim. Everyone isolated their eyes from his vulture gaze. No one believed in the good of this generation. I saw the lack of faith.

What the fuck Generation Y?

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