The choice could not be more clear

This week, Donald Trump reminded us again of the threat he poses to America. His vile attacks on a Gold Star family, dangerous foreign policy pronouncements and near fever-pitch levels of viciousness prompted even President Obama to definitively and forcefully denounce Trump as “unfit to serve as president.

Donald Trump attacks, belittles and maligns anyone and everyone he considers “different,” and he has vowed to roll back progress our community has seen under the leadership of President Obama. He is alienating and alarming voters and officials across party lines. Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY) — a pro-equality Republican who’s long been our partner on the Hill — this week became the first congressional Republican to say he will vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Other Republican Members of Congress have said they won’t vote for Trump.

The choice for president could not be more clear, especially for our community. Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton announced her plan to end the HIV and AIDS epidemic in the U.S. and around the world. Her blueprint includes enhancing the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, convening working groups to develop aggressive actions to combat the spread of HIV and launching a campaign to combat stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. These steps build on the comprehensive HIV and AIDS plan already put forth by Secretary Clinton. We look forward to working with a committed Clinton administration to implement and expand on these plans, secure funding and set targets to achieve an AIDS-free generation once and for all.

As Clinton unveiled this ambitious agenda, BuzzFeed uncovered heinous anti-LGBTQ tweets from Trump’s chief spokesperson, Katrina Pierson — despite Trump’s assertion that he’s “really the friend” of our community. It is laughable that he continues to make this specious claim; the LGBTQ community sees through his political pandering. Hillary Clinton is our champion; Donald Trump is a fraud.

There couldn’t be more at stake this November, and I am proud of the work we are doing to ensure that pro-equality candidates are elected. We need strong allies in our federal government as we renew our efforts to pass the Equality Act and bring full federal equality to LGBTQ Americans.

We also must ensure that we have a president who will appoint justices who support equality — qualified judges like Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, who Republicans have shamefully yet to grant a hearing. We learned the hard way this week why that’s so important. I was heartbroken when the Supreme Court decided to halt a lower court’s order in the Gavin Grimm case that allowed him to use school restrooms consistent with his gender identity. That means, while the case goes through an appeals process, Gavin and other transgender students will start the school year unable to access public restrooms consistent with their gender identity.

There are just 95 days left until we elect our next President. Let’s redouble our efforts to ensure that Hillary Clinton will be in the White House come January 20 — building on President Obama’s legacy, making the important decisions that could end HIV in our country and appointing federal judges who believe in equality for all.

P.S. Keep an eye on Alabama this Monday, where notoriously anti-LGBTQ Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is set to be questioned by judicial prosecutors on ethics charges. He’ll see our #NoMoore billboard on his way to the hearing.

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