‘Russian warned that it would shoot down U.S. jets that threatened Russian servicemen in Syria’

I don’t often peruse the news for words that lend one to think of all out war, but that was interesting.

What I do know is that Syria is going to be split into three sections: Alawi, Kurdish and Sunni. When is another matter. This was mentioned as far back as 2012: Sherkoh Abbas, a veteran Syrian Kurdish dissident, called on Israel this week to support the break-up of Syria into a series of federal structures based on the country’s various ethnicities.

‘While there were no major developments for Russia on the Asian front apart from the launch of the Vietnam-Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) free trade agreement on Oct. 5 (read our in-depth interview with the EAEU Trade Minister), disturbing news came out of Syria. The Russian Defense Ministry warned that it would shoot down U.S. jets that threatened Russian servicemen in Syria during unsanctioned American strikes. Russia has already deployed the S-300 and the new S-400, which has a striking range of 250 miles (400 km). News reports indicate that Germany plans to introduce new anti-Russian sanctions because of Moscow’s stance on Syria. There has also been something to cheer about this week. Vladimir Putin visited Turkey for the first time since Ankara shot down a Russian Su-24 aircraft. The Russian President signed an agreement with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.’ — Link

This is on top of Russia’s plans to set up a permanent naval base in Syria. I don’t disagree but I see a shift in powers. The Russian agenda is in full effect.

Latest blast of news??

“Russia said it’s working with China to counter U.S. plans to expand its missile-defense network, which the two nations see as targeting their military assets. The upgrades aim to give Washington the ability to launch a nuclear strike “with impunity,” Lieutenant General Viktor Poznikhir of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff said Tuesday at a security forum in Xiangshan, China, according to a transcript of his speech posted on the Defense Ministry’s website. The Asian neighbors this year conducted a joint missile-defense exercise of their computer command staff, he said. “We are working together on ways to minimize possible damage to the security of our countries,” Poznikhir said. “The illusion of invulnerability and impunity under the guise of missile defense will encourage Washington to make unilateral steps in dealing with global and regional issues. This could lead to a decrease in the threshold for using nuclear weapons to preempt enemy actions.” — Bloomberg (Ilya Arkhipov in Moscow)

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