4x Principle

The closest distance between being dead average and absolutely successful is a factor of 4 times.

When someone asked me; “how much more budget should we dedicate to this campaign?” I’d say “4x it!”

When someone asked me; “how many more laps should I run?” I’d say “4x it!”

When someone asked how; “many tequilas should we buy?” I’d say “4x it!”

When a colleague said; “the client said it’s too expensive”, I’d say “It’s only expensive, if they didn’t see the value — did you 4x it?”.

4x the principle, is to simply apply a factor of 4x to everything you do. No matter how big or small. Simply applying 4x more energy will instantly make you more successful at everything you do. 4x becomes a gateway to 10x, it’s digestible, easy to do and you can make it a routine.

4x the small things, so that you can make it a habit and experience small wins to immediately change your outlook on the world. When you reach large milestone decisions and you apply 4x that’s when you will experience the exponential effect of the 4x principle.

4x is a frequency level, when you start operating on 4x you will see the world differently, you’ll start to notice others who operate on 4x. It will also give you line of sight of those operating on 6x, 8x or even 10x, which will push you to do better.

4x in business, if your competitor is doing 2x better than you. Average business decision makers will try (at the most) to push the company to become 3x better to beat the competitor but that still leaves a short enough gap for a competitor to catch up, but if you 4x your strategy you’ll overtake the competitor and leave a gap so large it would be too risky for the competitor to play catch up.

4x is in arms length, because it is the easiest most realistic way to instantly push you to be more successful. Some people struggle with improving themselves by a factor of 10x or 20x yet this is their goal. Overtime 4x is the first step to getting there. 4x sits on the horizon, it is in arms length, you can see it, and with just a little more effort everyday it is a simple habit everyone can adopt to instantly become more successful.