How To Create Your Own High Performance Accountability Group

Firstly, what is an accountability group? It is when a small bunch of people share their goals, report back on their progress and hold each other accountable — it is an awesome way of getting things done!

Often times, having an accountability group or partner is the difference between making it happen or dreaming about it and living with regret.


Business can be lonely. Especially if you are the sole operator. Motivation levels oscillate. Doubts enter your mind and before you know it, you are downgrading your initial goals or doubting whether you can achieve them at all so you just stop! We’ve all been there and we know how depressing living a life of regret is.

Business partners can be great, but if you have completely separate roles & responsibilities (which I highly recommend) then you will be expected to master your role and operate autonomously. This places pressure on you to perform, get things done and innovate. The alternative, which is shared roles & responsibilities can lead to pandemonium because one person feels like the other is not performing at the standard required. Meanwhile, that person blames the other for not being able to complete their duties as a result of the other’s actions. Oi vey!

To avoid the above, you need an accountability group.

Accountability groups:

  • Accelerates your performance.
  • Helps you measure your success and progress.
  • Keeps you engaged.
  • Will keep you responsible.
  • Validates your thoughts and ideas.

It improves the way your business operates and/or enables you to see a project through to completion. Ultimately, it helps you WIN! Sounds amazing huh? And the effort to create or join one is not daunting, on the contrary, it’s easy! The first step can be as simple as a click (I’ll get into that in a minute).

I am part of 2 accountability groups.

One is a general one for business — a group of elite business owners that perform at an incredibly high standard. It is awesome to see their posts on their weekly wins. Being naturally competitive, I compete to outperform their wins. It’s just the way I am programmed. I want to share a win I am proud of and I want to kick ass. Their challenges give me an insight into their mind, their direction, how they learn and gives me confidence knowing that there are solutions to my challenges. Their action items for the week are awe-inspiring, I want to achieve the same if not, more! I also want to earn everyone in the group’s respect so I can be more included in the inner circle of elite performers — if they can see that I get things done and that I am taking my own business to greater heights they would be more inclined to help me further, perhaps include me in opportunities, joint venture partnerships among others. I also create further social goodwill in the community and improve my own training skills by assisting others with their challenges. Helping others plays a massive role in the creation of social goodwill. Forget opportunities, JV’s and other good stuff if you’re only in it for yourself. I can’t stress the importance of helping others enough. Two hands make light work, the good karma will come back to reward you tenfold. This is a structure I use in my own business successfully and I teach other small business owners in my Boss Domination program.

The other is for my new small business coaching program. I often get small business owners asking for advice and I wanted to make the coaching program more official and serve them in the best possible way. I am also keen to improve my coaching skills with my licensees and lead them to greater success. In as little as 4 weeks, I have been able to get my program up and running and make some sales!

As this is an important feat I can’t afford to fail in, I have created my own accountability group. I set a target and I shared my goals and intentions with a small group who have fairly equal ambitions that are determined to achieve them. In the video below, I share with you the 6 simple elements I have incorporated to create my accountability group using Facebook that you can implement now to start achieving incredible results.

Want to be part of an accountability group with other high performers? You can do that right now by clicking the image below. You also get other good stuff that will add immediate results to your bottom line if you take the simple action of just clicking the image below.