Start Creating! If People Don’t Know You, They Won’t Call You!

Why you should be doing Facebook live videos, creating content and promoting yourself in any and every way you can.

Meet Andrea, she is my wonderful business partner for Blue Studies International!

She decided to run an impromptu Facebook live video on her personal profile about visa changes.

It was supposed to start at 7pm, but we made some mistakes! The Facebook live was set to private so only she could see it, among some other technical issues. Nevertheless, we finally got it working by 7:13pm and we weren’t sure what to expect…

It has been 9 days since and she has had:

Here are the opportunities that came from the first live video:
 — 1 enquiry to open a BSI office in Vancouver
 — 1 enquiry from a migration lawyer in Sydney to explore opportunities to work together
 — An interest from a person in Bucaramanga, Colombia to work for us
 — An interest from a person to do an internship with us

Regarding Leads:

* Migration leads — 2
 * Bucaramanga — 11
 * Bogota — 8
 * Medellin — 4 (2 already apply)
 * Cali — 2
 * Peru — 1
 * Chile — 6
 * Additional leads — 6
 * People interested in migrating to Canada — 1
 * People that had already applied for their student visa through a competitor but now want to proceed with BSI and be part of the BSI family in Australia — 3

Other info:

* Will travel in the future but want to join our community — 17
 * 136 private messages
 * 192 friend requests
 * 311 likes on her fan page (over 50% of total fans at the time from just one live video)

Approximate sales revenue = $44k
 Brand awareness, credibility boost, goodwill, business growth = priceless

Here’s the thing, this was her first webinar length live video on her profile, however:
 — She already is an authority as she has a business with a track record
 — she had accumulated followers over the years unintentionally as students had sent friend requests to her personal profile
 — she has friends who know what she is capable of, what type of results she’s capable of achieving, she’s supportive of her community and although no one was asked to share it, seems like some were happy to share it

Now, you may not have the above just yet. But, over time, you will, you have to build on it. But you have to start somewhere!

As you get a deeper understanding of your market, when you get to a stage where you understand their fears, frustrations, wants, needs. You get to know them better than they know themselves and are able to enter the conversation in the hearts and minds of your target market, you too can achieve this or better!

Furthermore, imagine if you have a list of ambassadors, referral partners and general promoters who have access to a list of people who are your target market. And they spread the announcement or your video to their list. It will be huge!

Upload recording to YouTube, Vimeo, take snippets and add them to Instagram, Instagram story, Facebook posts, Facebook story, podcasts, blog post and so on! Get it out!


Start creating content now, start small, continue to grow your understanding of your market, build your list of ambassadors, build your credibility and make yourself visible!

I hack the growth process of this in my 30K Sales Month program. And guess what? It’s FREE! Message me now to see if you qualify for enrollment. It will be closing soon…

Wanna see the 2nd webinar length live video? Check out the bottom of the post

Working on our work, making the reiterations necessary to improve for the future but you gotta start somewhere. Boom! Love it! Be proud and just get the content out!

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