Social Media is Not “Social”
Chad Anderson

Nate Shoemaker Good thoughts! Yes “Marketers DO ruin everything” as you pointed out. Bait and Switch on social DID work, but consumers have evolved to know what is and isn’t ads and it’s gotten increasingly cluttered with marketing messages. There’s always going to be something new where the early adopters flock to. That’s just human nature. There were 3 TV channels, now there’s 3000. Marketing on social has to be an equal value exchange for brands and consumers. It’s a straight-up meritocracy, you need to offer something better (entertaining, educational, fun, informative) than the competition.

In the digital/social landscape, consumers have the power — not the marketers. That’s a major mindset shift that SO many brands haven’t adopted (B2B and B2C). The modern consumer has raised expectations from the brands in their decision making process and marketers need to take that to heart.

Recent research on Gen-Z/Millennials shows that they may not always trust advertisers, but they aren’t adverse to them as long as the bring them VALUE. (I have a post on some of this here, if you’re interested: Gen-Z vs. Millennials

To answer your last question on what it looks like to address social as users see them. The straight answer is that it has to be a real two-way conversation. It has to be “social”. That means you don’t talk TO your audience, you talk WITH them. You Listen. You Respond to their feedback. And that in itself is what makes social the most powerful and real direct to consumer marketing channel than any other marketing/ad delivery vehicle in history.

Appreciate the read and feedback!

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