Donald Trump threatens to lock up Hillary Clinton
The Economist

I don’t even know where to start with such an openly Globalist, global depopulation (that’s the UN’s fancy term for sanctioned mass murder) rag like the Economist publishing such a multi-layered piece of propaganda so fraught with easily dispatched brazen lies that I can’t believe it was even published on this platform. Also, why do we insist on letting these traitor, British Tories, who sycophantically worship Satan-loving Royals who aren’t even Anglo-Saxon heirs to Britannica, continue to lecture us on freedom as they are so butt-hurt about our successful Revolution.

Alleged rape victims… Nope, court transcripts say otherwise… And it’s relevant as a moral equivalency when Hillary tries to attack Trump for being an Alpha male… The difference between Trump and Bill is that Trump’s conquests wanted “it” and Bill’s conquests didn’t. Trump talks lewd, Bill acts lewd if you want to call rape — lewd. Hillary talks lewd according to every agent that’s ever worked for her. She’s a monster on the record, but you prey on your low information victims with no proof. But this is why the UN wanted ICANN because everything I’ve said can be Googled and proved through verified sources. Nothing in your article can be verified if Googled. It’s complete propaganda. This is why you all hate the Internet and it’s connectivity.

Locking up Hillary deeply offends you because she’s an operative of the same masters that rule the Economist. You can’t stand to see one of your own [globalists] attacked and you’ll do anything and say anything to run interference. Here’s the deal, whether it’s Donald Trump or Nigel Farage, liberty is on the rise and tyranny is on the slide. Hillary has committed war crimes all over the Planet as has Obama, Bush, the other Clinton, the other Bush, etc. They all deserve prison just like your child-molesting Royals. And guess what, just like Goebbels was convicted, so will every propagandist that protected, perpetuated, and propagated crimes against humanity and that definitely includes those at the Economist!

Enjoy your freedom because it’s fleeting — there will be justice. The Universe demands it.