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Pres. Obama (Archives)


Your Mom: Anne Dunham; CIA sex operative, Ford Foundation (CIA Front) operative, USAID (CIA Front) operative.

Your Grandparents: Stanley Dunham; CIA operative running Frank Marshall Davis.

Your Dad: Frank Marshall Davis; KGB operative, Communist journalist, amateur pornographer who was caught in a “honey pot” with your Mom working for your Grandpa.

Your Teachers: Radical Left-Wing Marxist Terrorists from the 1960's who want to murder whites, Christians, & patriots.

What movie is this out of? Oh that’s right, this is real life and our Criminal-In-Chief is the Worldwide Leader of ISIS! And Russia is fed up with all of your Sunni-Wahhabist terrorism.

Hey Obama-Davis, I’ve just two words for you: “Federal Prison”. And yes, you will see it coming unlike many of your drone strike victims.

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