Feels pretty good, actually.
Bill Frischling

Oh Bill, if there were even a modicum of truth in that statement (which we both know there isn’t), then you wouldn’t have went “crying” to Medium for a “safe space” regarding my comment to flag my speech…

Yes, while Bill smiled to my face in his reply, in true, pseudo-liberal, totalitarian fashion, he stabbed me in the back with a report to Medium to have me suspended!

You only prove my assessment of you as accurate when you make such a move. Furthermore, your “wonderful” ideas can’t stand a little criticism? Your post is hate speech because it attacks reality in an attempt to invert the truth. Pointing out such deceptive propaganda (which could have devastating consequences) with a little deserved vitriol is my duty as an American with a First Amendment. After all, when you advocate for a POTUS candidate who is a mass murderer, Chinese spy, international criminal of money laundering, terrorism, and gun running, and do so in such a scientific, calculated attack on your low information victims, it is my duty as a father, husband, and American to stop such a candidate and all of her minions.

You know, these internet thought and speech ghettos and gulags known as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Medium, etc. posing as these Public Commons of discourse and Free Speech are the furthest thing from it.

Where have all the Thomas Jefferson liberals and JFK Democrats gone? Can we bring them back please?