What is P2E Gaming?
Play-to-Earn gaming is where users are given rewards for participating in certain blockchain gaming projects, with the rewards increasing in regards to how well they do (or how long they’ve been playing). Collecting a related NFT will grant you access to these games with the rarest ones offering an increased advantage over other players, allowing users to rise through the leaderboards quickly.

Both DeFi and NFT elements are used when it comes to P2E gaming, allowing users to profit in multiple ways by simply participating in a project.

Long-Term Sustainability of ChainPet:

  • Community-Driven

Blockchain-based gaming allows developers to power projects through the community itself, providing them with a crowdsourcing opportunity that you would rarely find elsewhere. ChainPet as a Decentralized Anonymous Organization (DAO) and has turned to provide even more help to build, an even larger community that is dedicated to the Game.

  • NFT Collections/Token Rewards

Players will always be able to convert the token rewarded in-game ($CPET) for any crypto token they like using the world most popular DEX( PancakeSwap). Buying the NFTs Elves can also prove to be a form of passive income and help with the long-term sustainability of ChainPet.

  • Revenue Sharing

In ChainPet, we offer revenue share which is when owning an Elves NFT. Our developers has made provisions using the games treasury/community-held assets and split the profits up among the top rankings players on the Leaderboard. These developments has been something that will give new and curious players even more reason to get into action themselves as time progresses.
As more users join the ChainPet, the project keeps going more and more popular and as the liquidity, staking, minting increases organically.

  • How Much Can Players Earn from ChainPet?

This question has rosen all forms of debate but it’s can be determined by how much time you’re putting in, as well as how much money you’ve got invested. Plenty of gamers are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on skins for their characters in traditional video games with nothing to show for it in return, while ChainPet players are granted enhanced abilities and features (allowing players to earn even more money with ease).

As a player with ChainPet in their early stages, you must have level up your Elves NFT’s to a very high level. Which is quite impossible to lose in the PVP battle.

And also making a larger investment is going to warrant larger profits (i.e. Types of Elves in procession), but on average players can make basis daily rewards from participating in the PVP up to $13 to $46 with ease. Also, Even if purchasing the necessary NFTs to get started costs $200, it would only take around 2days to make your money back and begin turning a profit.

Depending on whether you turned to be passive or passionate players, there are significant earnings that could forever alter peoples and families lives for the better.

ChainPet: The Future of PlayToEarnSpace

At present, ChainPet is still in it’s early stage. ChainPet token $CPET has been supported by a large number of players, and has been established a trading pool of tens of millions of dollars. This provides sufficient circulation for the entire development process, and it shows exponential growth every day.

Come on! Be the first elves!

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