ChainTrade Splitting Into Two different Businesses

As you know, ChainTrade’s vision is to bring more efficiency , security and fairness in the trade of commodities. The company aims at being one of the leading blockchain platform for the trade of commodities.

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Based on its proprietary technology, ChainTrade has been developing two products.

The first product, ChainTrade Derivatives, started about a year ago, aims at becoming the world’s first licensed blockchain Exchange for commodity derivatives, allowing players to hedge at low cost their positions on products for which no derivatives exist today. …

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People are going nuts for blockchain. As in, there are people who think blockchain can upend supply chain strategy, revolutionize the economy, or do something equally crazy like predict the probability of snow patterns in hell.

Okay, not so much the last bit. But there are people who believe blockchain has the power to transform supply chain strategy.

Here are 7 reasons why.

1. The Global Ledger

Let’s go back to the basics of how blockchain works.

Picture a ledger. A big book where you record the full contents of every transaction.

At its heart, blockchain is a ledger. Or, if you prefer, a database. …

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Bitcoin. Litecoin. Ethereum. Bitcoin Cash.

A few months ago those words meant little to most people. Now it’s easy to find articles from any news source regarding cryptocurrencies.

Some opinions say it is a fad and the bubble will burst. But what about blockchain? Blockchain is the platform that cryptocurrency operates on. And it is much bigger than bitcoin.

It’s hard to say exactly where cryptocurrency will go, but blockchain is here to stay.

There are a lot of new ideas rolling around when working with blockchain. …



ChainTrade is the first blockchain-based trading platform for food and raw materials (commodities)

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