ChainArmy: ChainWars’ designated shiller army!

ChainArmy: ChainWars’ designated shiller army!

ChainWars is driven by its community as for the most part, it runs decision making, the market and the ecosystem. This decentralization is highly valued by the core team, as this way the metaverse that emerges will have the biggest support base possible. This is exactly why ChainWars expands the community’s influence even further: ChainArmy arises!

ChainArmy will consist of dedicated members of our community who wish to promote the project in a big variety of ways. There will be strict requirements which are catered by high rewards and benefits. These are to be described within this document.


Participants need to;

  • Retweet, like and comment on every tweet posted in the ChainWars Official Telegram Channel, using the hashtag @ChainWars #ChainArmy $CWE
  • Release a personal tweet on daily basis using @ChainWars #ChainArmy $CWE
  • Be helpful and educative towards other members in ChainWars Official Telegram
  • Attend to all promotional events (announced in ChainWars Official Telegram) and leave a comment using @ChainWars #ChainArmy $CWE

Monthly airdrops will be distributed towards the participants that met these requirements. If participants did not meet the requirements, they will not receive the airdrop of that month & receive an initial warning. After being warned and not meeting the requirements again, participants will not be allowed to stay part of ChainArmy.

Rewards & Benefits

Although the requirements are strict, the benefits for participants are forthcoming. The core team will reserve 1.000.000 CWE from marketing/development allocations for this side-project. Rewards in CWE will be distributed from a reserved pool (each month). Each participant gets an equal share. This pool might differ from month to month as more participants will come over time. Also, if more events are upcoming (which do not belong to the requirements) additional funds will be added to this pool. Referral bonuses of ~5USD worth of CWE per member will be distributed once a referral member participated for at least 1 month.

All participants of ChainArmy will have the huge privilege to get priority in release of new products & services, meaning they will be the first ones to be able to consume. Also, valuable members will be rewarded with an exclusive land asset!

In conclusion, we hope that this concept suits you! If it does, kindly fill in the form below:




ChainWars is a space-themed, refreshing and ambitious GameFi project, driven by innovation and community!

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ChainWars is a space-themed, refreshing and ambitious GameFi project, driven by innovation and community!

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