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Recently, PUBLISH officially joined Chaince Labs. In this collaboration, Chaince Labs will work with PUBLISH to make more and more active efforts for EOS Ecology, bringing more rich, more diverse and more global services to users.

As a protocol used by TokenPost, a well-known blockchain media agency in Korea, what kind of breakthrough surprise will PUBLISH bring to the media industry and readers? Come and find out what kind of huge changes PUBLISH can bring to the blockchain industry!

What is PUBLISH?

PUBLISH is an innovative blockchain-based platform for the next generation of media built by the press for the press.

The goal of PUBLISH is to create a highly accessible, blockchain-based global news publishing platform that rewards all participants fairly and provides a realistic, economically viable model for publisher adoption and development. This new agreement will provide publishers with an important ecosystem that will not only become a necessary medium for writers and publishers, but also a necessary medium for readers to benefit readers from participatory news production models and learn more transparent and accurate news and information.

As the first digital publisher to adopt the PUBLISH protocol, TokenPost will use a practical token called NEWS. By providing a viable CSI economic incentive mechanism, PUBLISH helps to reward and actively promote journalism. PUBLISH enables a global community of editors, producers and consumers to participate in the publication and consumption of news in an economically sustainable manner.

KEOS Conversion

TokenPost’s parent company, KEOS, has previously issued token KEOS that will be switched in proportion to 5 KEOS: 1 NEWS.

The total circulation of NEWS is 10 billion. A total of 3 billion tokens will be sold, and a total of 3 billion tokens will be distributed to participants in the ecosystem to increase early inflows. The 1 billion tokens will flow to the PUBLISH Foundation, and the 500 million tokens will be distributed to the founding team and consultants. The 1.1 billion tokens were used for airdrops. Another 900 tokens passes are used for marketing activities, and another 500 million tokens are used for reserves. The funds raised from the initial sale will be used to continue to develop the PUBLISH agreement, operating expenses, initial marketing activities, legal advice and more.

Chaince will help Chaince platform users to complete the conversion, you don’t need any operation, just deposit your KEOS into your Chaince account.

According to the official notice of the KEOS project, Chaince will suspend the KEOS/EOS trading pair at 11:00 on March 4, 2019 (UTC+8 Beijing time/Hong Kong time) and suspend KEOS withdrawal.


In order to meet the needs of users, Chaince will exclusively sell the PUBLISH project token NEWS, and provide exclusive benefits for EOS and CET holders. The detailed plan is as follows:

  • IEO online time: March 25th, 2019
  • Selling price and method: 1 NEWS = 10 won, which will be sold in the form of NEWS/EOS, NEWS/CET (actual price on March 25th, 2019).
  • Chaince User Benefits:
    Purchased KEOS with EOS, an additional 10% of the total amount of the purchase will be given;
    Purchased KEOS with CET, an additional 15% of the total amount of the purchase will be given.

PUBLISH Protocol social community:

official website







WeChat support: mark_2mk

Chaince Team

Mar 1st, 2019


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