What is Chaince ?

Platform Introduction

Chaince is a superior blockchain asset trading platform focusing on EOS projects.The platform is expected to be officially launched in April or May. The Chaince Platform parent company has been registered in the Cayman Islands. The Platform targets blockchain asset trading users around the globe (“Users”), and strictly complies with the relevant laws and regulations of the user’s countries or regions.

Chaince pioneered the establishment of an audit module — Choice of Chaince, led by Chaince’s CEO. Choice of Chaince will audit the projects based on rigorous criteria and strive to ensure that the listed projects have the necessary conditions for a successful blockchain application with commercial value and potential for growth. Chaince platform solemnly pledges not to charge any fees to list projects in order to ensure maximum independence of the platform.

Chaince Token (CET) Airdrop Scheme

The Chaince Foundation, which is incorporated on the Cayman Islands and operates independently, will issue Chaince Token (CET) based on the EOS main network token agreement for a total amount of 2 billion.The Chaince Foundation will openly deliver 45% CET to EOS token holders by airdrop and the public will receive one CET drop token for every 1 EOS held based on initial holding currency snapshot on EOS network. Chaince Tokens are distributed for free and not involved with ICO, token sales or any form of bundled sales.

By airdrop plan, we hope to show Chaince trading platform’s confidence and support for EOS Ecology. We also look forward to making more positive contributions to promoting the development of EOS Ecology in the future.

Our website is https://chaince.com/pages/index_en.html . You can get whitepaper on our website.

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