Chaincode Lightning Applications Residency

Lightning is coming to New York

Chaincode is proud to announce a Lightning applications residency program, taking place in New York, Oct 22–26 2018!

We’ve already hosted two residency programs, in 2016 and 2018. Those were focused on the Bitcoin protocol and contributing to Bitcoin Core. This time we’re going to try something a bit different.

The Lightning network is maturing every day and we’re beginning to see great applications like and being built on top of it. There’s a huge amount of excitement growing around Lightning applications, but knowledge of how to build those applications is currently scarce and diffuse.

We want to help bootstrap the emerging Lightning applications developer ecosystem, so we’re hosting a week-long residency specifically for Lightning application developers (as opposed to Lightning protocol developers), organised by us, with mentoring and speaking by experts in the Lightning applications space.

We’ve got a stellar line-up of guest speakers:

- Chris Stewart is the founder of SuredBits, a real-time micropayment-powered data service, built on top of the Lightning network. He is also the maintainer of bitcoin-s and a former Chaincode resident.

- Christian Decker is an engineer at Blockstream and is a maintainer of the c-lightning Lightning implementation. He is also co-author of the 2015 Duplex Micropayment Channels paper and the 2018 eltoo paper.

- Elaine Ou is an engineer at Global Financial Access. She has implemented the LightningBuddy and Jellybean applications on top of Lightning.

- Jack Mallers is the lead developer of zap, a desktop and iOS wallet for Lightning payments.

- Justin Camarena is an engineer at bitrefill, the first payment processor to accept mainnet Lightning payments. He was the lead engineer for integrating Lightning into bitrefill’s payment system.

- lightningk0ala is the creator of the wildly popular Lightning app. He’s an expert on Lightning-powered games.

We’re looking for experienced applications developers, perhaps with a background in web apps or Ethereum apps, who want to learn about integrating Lightning payments into applications. No experience of the Bitcoin or Lightning protocols are required.

The residency will be project-based, and applicants will build a prototype application over the course of the week. Residents will have a chance to present their work on Friday afternoon.

All guest speaker talks and presentations will be video recorded and made freely available. We want to scale the benefits of this residency to engineers who aren’t able to join us in person.

We’re really excited about this new residency and are looking forward to some excellent talks and amazing new Lightning applications.


If you’re an application developer and want to learn how to build Lightning-powered applications, please visit the Residency Website, where you can find full details on applying.