I’m supporting Keith Ellison, and you should too.

Ray Buckley
Feb 18, 2017 · 2 min read

Fellow Democrats,

From the moment I stepped into this race, I made it clear that the top two priorities of the next DNC Chair must be to strengthen state parties and to reform the DNC. While it has been a tremendous honor to run for DNC Chair over the past few months, today I am proud to stand with Keith Ellison. I know Keith shares my commitment to achieving these priorities. Please join me in supporting Keith, and together we can win again.

Since 2008, Democrats have lost 1,000 seats at the state, local, and federal levels. Many of the DNC Chair candidates have spoken about how to reverse that, but Keith’s commitment to the states and to a transparent and accountable DNC and his willingness to work with others has stood out.

Simply put, he offers Democrats the best opportunity to right the ship. His plan, in fact, shares many of the same ideas and principles as my own. Working together, I know we can all rebuild the DNC and support state parties by investing in all 50 states, Democrats Abroad, and the territories, providing support and resources to help state parties succeed, and organizing in every county across this great country.

Look folks, Keith knows elections are not won and lost in the beltway. They are won on the ground across the country. I know a thing or two about winning elections, and so does Keith. Through grassroots organizing, he has turned his Congressional district into the highest turnout district in the highest turnout state. Working closely with his state party, Keith’s efforts have formed a blue wall so strong there are no statewide Republicans elected in Minnesota. And let’s not forget, Keith’s turnout efforts were a big factor in Democrats defeating Voter ID and Anti-Marriage Equality Constitutional Amendments at the ballot box in 2012.

That’s the kind of leadership and know-how we need at the DNC. Because in this fight against Donald Trump and the Republicans in Washington to our own State Houses, we need an organizer who has won elections, boosted turnout, and raised the money needed to compete in every state and territory.

Keith is that organizer. He is the right person for this job and will unite and grow our party.

I hope that you’ll join me, the growing number of our colleagues, numerous elected officials and many of our allies in labor in supporting him. I know he will make a fantastic DNC Chair.


Chairman Ray Buckley

Ray Buckley

Written by

@NHDems Chair, @DemChairs President., @TheDemocrats ViceChair & @lgbt_Dems mbr. Ex @NHHouseDems Whip, running DNC Chair http://www.rayfordnc.com

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