Hello once again, America. This is your Speaker of the Alt-Right House, Doctor Deplorable and I have a message. A message for patriots everywhere in these United States. The war isn’t over. We won the election and we nabbed Brexit, yet it’s not over. Outside the safety (As of now) of your homes, a new threat arises. A beast. A wretched warbeast that was birthed from the temporary fall of Soros. A backwards, apalling warbeast that isn’t a being itself, but composed from all of America’s enemies- foreign jihadists, illegal immigrants, racial supremacists, liberals, feminists, the mainstream media, communists, globalists, and lobbyists all going into riot mode. The heart of the beast is none other than George Soros- Nazi bounty hunter, billionaire, traitor, ruler of the DNC and the EU.

Let’s talk about Georgie boy for a second. This is a man who has sold Jews to the Nazi regime and claims “Anyone would have done it.” This is a man who has the European Union on his payroll. This is a man who openly supports the DNC, BLM, and Syrian Migration. This is a traitor, ladies and gentlemen- a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, the sheep are willing to die for the wolf, so he no longer wears the wool of the slain and instead flaunts it without consequence. This is where WE stand. We are America. We will NOT succumb to a foreign force controlling anyone in American politics. We will NOT fall to a warbeast of immeasurable hatred and communism, of sharia law and totalitarianism. We cut the head off the beast in the election, but the heart still beats. In order to preserve American sovereignty, we must finish the beast off. We must cut out the heart. We must cleanse our system of the noxious toxin that Soros exhumes from his skin. This leads to another topic. Participate in Infowars streams and videos.

Alex Jones is a master at what he does, and he exposes the Clintons, corruption, the DNC, and yes- even Soros. He was once attacked by Clinton goons for his words of wisdom and truth back in the 90's. He eventually gained so much popularity amongst our community, he even talks to Donald J Trump once in a while and (Presumably) discuss policies and the corruption of the DNC. Alex Jones and the RNC separatist (Conservative loyalist) media group known as Infowars are dedicated in spreading the truth about the evils of the Democratic Party to help widen our understanding. They are under attack from Google in an attempt to censor any news site they deem “Fake”, even though they are known to be controlled by the Establishment Remnants that attempt to coerce their remaining armies of minions to launch a final assault on liberty. This is one stage of this final push. Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, Paul Joseph Watson and many others desperately need your help. We must defend Infowars and Breitbart (Another alt-right media site run by one of Trump’s running mates, Steve Bannon, long before he was a running mate) by viewing them CONSTANTLY on updates of our world.

Thank you for your time, America. Remember to support VVV, Infowars, and Breitbart. A follower for them is an affirmation of your patriotism and love for this country. Have a safe day, deplorables.

-Doctor Deplorable, Chair of VVV