Chaitanya Holidays | Explore Hong Kong

Planning a trip to Hongkong ? Here is a list of best tourist attractions that you couldn’t miss; else your trip would be incomplete. Here is a list of some must visit places that Chaitanya Holidays suggests to put in your desire list.

Dai Pai Dongs

You sure would have had the best food from roadside stalls in India. How about trying Dai Pai Dongs, street side food stalls in Hongkong. Featuring basic, but delicious noodle and rice dishes, usually a great line in seafood and if you’re lucky, ice cold beers they’re the perfect place to fill up on a quick and tasty dinner.

The Skyscraper Skyline

This would surely awe you. Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers of any city in the world and most of them are crammed onto the north shore of Hong Kong Island. These high rises are best viewed from the Avenue of Star in Tsim Sha Tsui, at night, when you can see the buildings at their dazzling best.

Happy Valley Racecourse

You don’t need to a bookie to have fun at Happy Valley. This grand race course, bounded by a wall of skyscrapers in the heart of the city — makes for an electric setting when lit up for the night time races. The horses are cheered on by a vocal crowd of thousands fueled by cheap San Miguel and bad hotdogs.

Ocean Park

You must have heard of Disney land but Chaitanya Holidays pick of a theme park is Hong Ocean Park that offers thrills and spills to the people of Hong Kong for nearly forty years. From the Pandas and incredible Jellyfish spectacular to the 4g inverted loops of the Hair Raiser rollercoaster, Ocean Park’s mix of animals and action packed rides is a winning combination. Read our 7 reasons to visit Ocean Park to find out more.


Yes, technically speaking it’s not in Hong Kong, but at just an hour away by ferry and with visa free for most tourists, anyone in Hong Kong for more than a few days should spend the time to see the Portuguese heritage and spinning roulette wheels of Macau.

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