Emirates flight crash landing @ Dubai

The horrifying experience that, the guests of Emirates flight went through, at Dubai has a lesson for the training fraternity.

This is a classic example of how training failed to trigger required action or response when required.

Here is a video of how Emirates ensures all guests go through One that every guest in an emirates flight learns, before take off.

After going through such a detailed orientation, you would assume, the participants would respond in the required manner, in case of an emergency.

However the second video shows the exact series of events.

So what happened?

The Crew did not act as per their training
They were unable to solicit required process driven action from the guests

This example might be a little overboard. Human behavior during life threatening situations is unpredictable. Often all the training you do is of no use. However it is in times like these that training has to evoke required action.

We have seen this in other instances, like floods and other natural calamities, Terror attacks or just plain stock market depressions.

All the preparations, policies & training that we put in place, fail when it actually matters.

However in our daily business, we should be able to solicit expected behavior from participants post training. Training fraternity should justify their spend in tangible terms to the business top/bottom line.

How can we solve this?