I have a very specific set of skills…

On a lazy Saturday morning, as I slid through the channels in a zombie like manner on TV, I stopped for a brief moment when this dialogue from the movie ‘Taken’ caught my attention.

The standard definition of the word ‘Skill’ as per Webster is:-

‘The ability to do something well’

Learning professionals are accountable for the organizations’s skill inventory, both current & future. Creating these skills among its workforce continues to be the single purpose that justifies the existence of the function.

As custodians of this purpose, we use multiple methods, tools, and platforms, to accomplish this goal. I would break up the definition into smaller chunks.

4 Parts to developing skills among employees:-

  • Having the right knowledge.
  • Being comfortable to use the right tools.
  • Applying the knowledge and tools at the opportune moment.
  • Knowing how to learn and upgrade.

However, current models of assessment at best capture, a participants ability to remember & replicate a response at a particular point in time. This is true even for the simulated models and hack-a-thons, while they are a lot better than the traditional models of assessment.

In my understanding, an assessment of skill should have these basic guiding principles.

Basic Principles while measuring skills

  • Assess in real work environment
  • Across instances and scenarios
  • Over a period of time

Today, organizations struggle with the challenge of ‘Employable’ workforce. Learning functions can contribute to solve this challenge in a significant and non-linear manner.