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Dissecting Breaking Bad’s series finale episode name.

“Felina” is the name of Breaking Bad’s Final episode. While over 10.2 million viewers tuned in to AMC to watch the episode, and a far greater number watched it online, some fans couldn’t help but notice the small details the executive producer Vince Gilligan have put in this episode, including the episode name itself.
Some suggested “Felina” is simply the anagram of “Finale” referring to the final episode., but I don’t think Breaking Bad producers were that lazy. And others suggested that the name was mentioned in a mexican song lyrics that was played in one of the Season 4 episodes. There are many interpretations to “Felina”, so here are mine!
First, and since the show is about a chemistry teacher who broke bad, “Felina” should be typed “FeLiNa”, and that quickly brings out 3 chemicals, Fe (Iron) Li (Lithium) Na (Sodium). And each chemical has a meaning in this episode:

My 1st interpretation :
- Fe (Iron) : The M60 Light Machine Gun that Walter White used.
- Li (Lithium) : The battery W.W used for the M60 gun robot. Although, I am not so sure about this one, since W.W used a car battery which used Acids instead of Lithium. It would be valid if he used a lithium based battery (Laptop, Cellphone …).
- Na (Sodium > Salt) : Tears of joy from Jesse Pinkman’s last appearance.

[MAJOR SPOILER ZONE — Do Not cross if you haven’t watched the Series finale yet]

My 2nd interpretation — Blood Sweat & Tears:
- Fe : Blood (Walter white’s blood at the end, it’s the cost of what he did, from which the ending song “I got what I deserve”)
- Li : A component found in drugs prescribed for Bipolar Disorder patients, from which, Jesse and Skyler’s swinging attitude towards W.W. Once they are with him, and once they are against him.
- Na : Jesse and Skyler’s tears in this episode.

Group 1 Alkali Metals

My 3rd interpretation and my favorite — Extra Electron:
Both Li and Na are Group 1 Alkali Metals, which means, they both are unstable because they have an extra electron they want to get rid of to keep 8 electrons in the outer layer. That profile matches Skyler and Jesse, they are unstable, and the electron they want to get rid of is Walter White. Fe in this case is what killed W.W, which is his own gun, the M60.[/SPOILER]

Whatever our interpretations are, this show was a masterpiece as fine and pure as Heisenberg’s blue crystal meth, it’s probably the best Drama/Action TV show in history. All thanks to the tremendous attention to details from the producers into this show where even a car licence plate has a meaning .. “Live Free or Die”.

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