Dribbble and The Creation of The Useless Designer
Michael Abehsera

I think designers should stop flexing their muscles whenever a junior designer comes up with a new fancy effect like the examples you cited above and posts it on Dribbble. Give these guys a break already.

If you look back at how you started years ago, you’d find yourself in a place not so different from where these juniors are right now. If these effects seem unbuildable, fine ! Nobody paid them to design them. It’s an exercise (although, the effects mights seem grotesque) but these young people have spent hours and so much effort in creating them.

If you look at all these posts, you’d find out they are exercises or unsolicited designs, and if they don’t end up as UI designers, they’d certainly end up as great visual designers (because remember, these posts are 90% visual design).

These guys opened Photoshop and all they had was a blank canvas, then they came up with something you are –unfairly– criticizing.

Let people build stuff.

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