Places around the Chalet’s Naldehra

If you got a chance to came at Naldehra or Shimla. Then come here and enjoy our services. We offer you everything for your comfort. The chalet’s Naldehra is a Luxury Hotels in Shimla. There are so many places around the Chalet’s Naldehra. Where you can enjoy with your friends and family. The popular places nearby Naldehra are Mashobra, Tattapani, Kufri, Chail, Fagu and Narkanda, Hatu Peak.

Places around the Chalet’s Naldehra where you can visit.

1. Mashobra:

Mashobra town is located in Himachal Pradesh District Shimla at 31.13°N 77.23°E and an altitude of 7,041 feet above the Sea level. You can easily reach to Shimla (earlier simla) through the historic Hindustan–Tibet Highway constructed in 1850 by Lord Dalhousie.

Mashobra hills

2. Tattapani:

Tattapani is located on the edge of the Satluj River. Tattapani is only 25 km from Naldehra, along with a road that weaves within the beautiful countryside. This place is popular for its hot water springs contains sulphur. If you visit the Tattapani place you must visit the historic Lord Shiva caves that are at a little distance. You can also experience river rafting which is handled by trained operators.


3. Baldian

Baldian is only 3 km from Naldehra alongthe Naldehra golf course road and has wonderful views and walk tracks.


4. Kufri

Kufri is small hill station Himachal Pradesh District Shimla located an altitude of 2,290 m above sea level. Kufri hill station is well connected with National Highway №22. This place is only 16 km from Naldehra and offers a view of the farmland and spacious, Himalaya mountains. Here, one can experience a rare ride on a yak and visit the mini zoo (Indira Tourist Park) that has some excellent Himalayan wildlife.


5. Fagu

Fagu village is a part of District Shimla Himachal Pradesh. It is located an altitude of 8000 feet above the sea level. Fagu is well-connected with the road that goes up to Tibbat Border. Fagu is the highest points in the area and very cool climate even in peak summer. Fagu is only 24 km from the chalet’s Naldehra.

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