Signs of Depression in Teens

Chamberlain International School is a therapeutic boarding school that welcomes students between the ages of 11 and 22. Students at Chamberlain International School receive weekly individualized clinical treatment as well as group therapeutic programs for a variety of mental health challenges, including depression.

The normal stressors of adolescence mean that it is normal for a teenager to seem moody or sad from time to time. For some teens, however, the severity and persistence of mood changes can be indicative of a deeper problem.

Depression in teenagers can be difficult to spot, largely because it may not manifest with the more stereotypical signs of sadness, tearfulness, and a lack of motivation. Some teens with depression do show these symptoms, though others are more likely to seem irritable or anxious.

It is common for adolescents with depression to withdraw from family and peers. Unmotivated by school or activities they once enjoyed and challenged by a lack of concentration, they may isolate themselves and neglect obligations. Some respond by acting out and engaging in particularly risky behaviors.

Teens with depression may also show or complain of physical symptoms. Unexplained pains, such as headaches and stomachaches, are common, as are changes in sleeping or eating habits. Some teens sleep much more than usual while others sleep much less, and the same holds for appetite.

Fortunately, teen depression is often responsive to treatment. A qualified professional can consult on a potential treatment plan, which may include talk therapy and/or medication.

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