Mixtapes: The Future of Curation?
Don MacKinnon

Thanks for this piece. As a mixtape vintage person myself, I get it. Curation thinking has long been a part of the social media space as we grapple with both over abundance and self expression in the internet era. (Evernote, Diigo, Del.icio.us, AddThis, ShareThis, Curata, feedly,) In fact, I teach this principle in my graduate Social Business course.

Most interesting to me is the way Learning is being driven by new curation models. Whether you need to know about sheep shearing, cake decorating or the complexities of dark matter, there are individuals, groups and new businesses willing to share their know how with you. It seems that we can get the top 25 index or resources to explain almost anything and this space is expanding. Examples include: team learning lists (Gibbon) curated mentors (PopExpert , MentorMob) curated knowhow sharing (Learni.st, Fiverr, Udemy, iversity, Impossible Network , SkillShare, SlideShare) curated life passion and culture (Pinterest, WeVideo, Listly) curated investing (realtymogul, etroro), curated books, people and tutors (Chegg) curated news (Flipboard), curated interior design (Houzz) and even curated health models (Curatio).

This new knowledge sharing culture is compelling individuals, groups and organizations everywhere to organize and share what they know, from wherever they may work or live, with anyone in the world — and we seem to love it!

Should we curate the list of curation tactics and tools?

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