Online rummy games like 13-card rummy, 21-card rummy, etc require certain skill sets that help you to consistently win the game in the long run. Besides skills, it is your own personality that impacts the game because the best and the worst aspects of your personality are exposed to the opponents. As online rummy is a skill game, so there are higher chances of showing your personality to random players out there. Following are some personality traits that online rummy players show while playing rummy games:


The players who are aggressive usually play fast and are more dependent on luck factor. Their moves in the game either show that they have good cards or they want the game to finish very soon in order to play the next one. Being aggressive, such players lack skills like patience and logical reasoning which ultimately effect their winnings in the game.


It is favorable to be cautious while playing online rummy games. But there exist players who get over-cautious when playing rummy, and such behavior is easily read by opponents on the rummy table. Thus, you should vary your playing style so that your opponents cannot guess what kind of cards you are holding. In other words, if you are holding a card which may not be worthy or useful in your game, then it’s better to discard it instead of holding it too long.


It is hardest to best persistent players in online rummy games. The personality of such players portray persistence, and these players are bound and determined to win the game at any cost. However, online rummy is a game of twists and turns. There would be situations when you might lose the game even when holding good cards. Thus, you should always use your skills and follow rummy strategies to be a consistent winner in the long run.


While playing rummy you will find players who play to win and make sure that their opponents lose the game. Such players leave no stone unturned to block your sets or sequences by dropping the unsuited cards. By doing this, they get extra time for themselves to form a meld. So, beware of such players and use proper rummy strategies to outplay them.

Online rummy games can help you analyze your opponent’s personalities by just accessing their playing behavior. This further helps you to decode what’s going on in your opponent’s mind and plan your game accordingly.

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