Eco-friendly solutions for dry cleaners

One of the most important issues in todays’ society is trying to save energy and also use alternative resources to reduce the negative impact fossil fuels cause to the environment. This is a major concern for every company that needs energy to conduct their work. Dry cleaners of course need to pay careful attention to this issue in order to satisfy their clients’ expectations without harming the environment in the process.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to get renewable energy from their providers or produce their own energy from solar panels or tides. Conducting an environmentally friendly business however also means minimizing the usage of energy, recycling and being conscious about the role you play in the overall protection of the environment. For example, dry cleaners should try to wash as many clothes of the same color together in order to avoid multiple washes and dries. This can not only save electricity but also water consumption.

Champion Cleaners in Naples, Florida are quite invested in maintaining their work environmentally friendly. Apart from saving water minimizing multiple loads, they also use synthetic cleaning solutions that not only benefit your clothes but also meet environmental standards. In addition, they reduce and recycle their paper by using a permanent bar code identification method. The bags used for packaging are biodegradable poly-bags and all hangers are recycled form clients that do not need them anymore. Small actions such as the ones mentioned above can have great effects on the environment.

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