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Rest in Peace Champion Coin!

We have some sad news to share with the Champion Coin community. Champion Coin will no longer be continuing with its ICO campaign due to not meeting the pre-ICO soft cap. If you have invested in Champion Coin we will be returning your funds before the end of January.

You might be asking yourself “but what went wrong?” Let’s take a moment and look at what happened.

Pre-ICO and ICO Goals

Champion Coin had a set pre-ICO soft cap goal of $5 million USD. The Champion Coin team launched the pre-ICO campaign in November. Our campaign starts with Malta, the “Blockchain Island” for the Malta Blockchain Summit convention. It was a learning experience for everyone involved. …

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At Champion Shave, we hope everyone had a happy holiday and wish everyone a happy new year as we enter 2019! The new year will be an exciting time for our company as we begin to roll out our new exciting new product, the Eco razor.

With that being said, let us get right into the news!

Last 7–14 Day Recap

  • Champion Shave has been busy getting ready for the new year as we get closer to launching the all-new ECO razor, the world’s first 100% recyclable razor. …

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Champion Shave!

The team has been hard at work getting ready for the new year. The Champion Shave and Champion Coin team are extremely proud of all that has been accomplished.

Let’s get right into the news!

Last 7–14 Day Recap

  • The Champion Coin team has been in talks with several major investors to help with the pre-ico sale. A major investor would boost the value of Champion Coin and help us reach our pre-ico goals to ensure the growth, stability and utility of the coin.
  • The Champion Shave team is excited about the Miami Heat deal. The team has been planning all kinds of exciting new projects regarding the new Eco razor and the Miami Heat. …


Champion Shave

Champion Shave is a global razor company that spreads the champion feeling to millions of men. Champion Shave is expanding its eco-friendly products and growing

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