Download any organisation Data — S3 amazonaws Misconfiguration


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Note — This Vulnerabilty not in Amazon AWS S3

My First post related to a Protonmail Stored XSS , so now here I’m Publishing my second blog post which recently found one of the private bug bounty website. Let’s start —

The vulnerability was very easy to exploit but it’s very hard to find the vulnerable point during checking many things i reached export feature of the website…according to the company it’s allow admin’s to download there organisations data in csv format. So…

It’s need little-bit intentions to reach the Vulnerable point

Steps to Reproduce the issue :-

  1. Login the account go to this page ( )

2. there right side option settings gear button click on it then > export members

3. Now website sent link to your registered email-id which is looks like

4. when i click the link then my organisation data download automatically

what’s going on —

5. if i change the id then it logout my account without any notification

So after some time i again checked the request and this time burp suite “HTTP history” Tab opened , and there was too many request going on when i clicked on the link i saw below request little-bit weird from another one’s so I checked the request why it’s different ? you will understand why this request got my intention ? You guys are smart so no need to explain further ! :)

Technical Information :

Request :

GET /uploads/export/file/29956/29956.csv HTTP/1.1 
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0
Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5 
Accept-Encoding: gzip
Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1

Are you notice what’s going on above request ?

No Session-key, Authentication key anything which verify the identity of previous user. So next you know that what can attacker do, change the id’s with other Organisation-Id and all the data in response !

P.S. Don’t know too much about it’s Amazon Misconfiguration or Developer mistake so don’t focus on title.

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Timeline :

26/10/2018 — Report Sent

26/10/2018 — Report Triaged

01/11/2018 — Report Resolved

01/11/2018 — Bounty $2000 and $500 Bonus